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Water Fountain Information

Make your own water fountains! Water Fountain books and information about water fountains in feng shui.

Browse our Water Fountains information section for articles about water fountains selection, fountain maintenance, famous fountains, and more!

Read articles by Feng Shui experts about water fountains and feng shui.

Make Your Own Water Fountains ebook--download!Make Your Own Water Fountains ebook--download!
Describes how to make simple indoor water fountains, as well as the author's recommendations for cleaning out your "Prosperity Pipeline" in order to more easily manifest life as you wish it to be.

Water Fountains...What are the Benefits?
Over the past twelve years or so, water fountains have almost become a craze. More indoor and outdoor water fountain models are available in more choices of styles, sizes, colors, and materials than ever before! Office desks may sport miniature water fountains, logo water fountains are used for corporate signage; hospitals and dental offices use water features to calm visitors; outdoor water fountains are increasingly called for in residential developments, parks, even children’s playgrounds. Municipalities are incorporating water fountains in high-traffic locations. Everyone loves water fountains! Why? click to read more...

Selecting Water Fountains
Handmade water fountains made by individual artists are shown alongside manufactured fountains of all descriptions. Sleek waterwalls highlight modern décor while more traditional fountains designs support a cozier ambiance.

You need to evaluate the proportion of the water fountains chosen with respect to their environment. Big water fountains can be grand, such as a monumental pool waterfall making an ordinary swimming pool into an oasis. But a smaller fountain can be just the right counterpoint in a room with a great deal of visual interest. Contrast can be key: a water fountain that is low to the ground can balance a room with soaring ceilings. click to read more...

The Invisible Effects of Water Fountains
When I first fell in love with water fountains, I noticed them in a store around the corner from my job, on my lunch hour. Mesmerized, many stressed-out New Yorkers would come into this store and stand looking at the water fountains on display. Negative ions -- ­those invisible, tasteless, and odorless molecules that are heightened by running water (including water fountains)­seem to create a sense of well-being. Why do “negative” ions create “positive” feelings? Well, ions are molecules that have gained or lost a positive charge. Falling water ­such as that from water fountains--creates thousands of negative ions by splitting other wise neutral particles of air, freeing electrons to manifest their vitalizing function. click to read more...

Selecting Water Fountains Size
One needn’t have a large fountain to make a big impact. Smaller tabletop water fountains made of semi-precious stone, lit from within, can provide enough visual and auditory impact to balance out a room full of overstuffed furniture, and a little desktop fountain can provide a personal element to balance out a cool, sleek, modern office. Balance and contrast are two qualities to consider. click to read more...

How Often Should You Add Water to Your Fountains?
One thing you wish to avoid is running a water fountain pump without enough water...this will burn out the pump. So refilling a water fountain is an important point to keep it working well! When you start to use a new water fountain, notice how much water evaporates and how frequently...click to read more...

Using Scent in Water Fountains
We all know how the scent of mulled cider or pine needles can add to the ambiance of a room! Aromatherapy has become a household word! A tiny droplet of your favorite essential oil can be dispersed subtle-ly throughout a room by a water fountain. The emphasis is on “tiny droplet” here…too much and you’ll end up with gunk in your pump, or a room that smells like a taxi with one of those air-fresheners hanging from the rear-view mirror! click to read more...

Sounds from Water Fountains...
When you tap a tuning fork in your space, do you hear an echo, do voices travel throughout your home with ease? Then you probably have a very “live” space, and the sound of a water fountain will be magnified. If you typically have to raise your voice to be heard, then your space is either noisy to start with or you space is “live,” which means the sound of the fountain will also be magnified. click to read more...

Water Fountain Care and Cleaning
Because various fountain manufacturers use different materials to make their water fountains, some include specific cleaning instructions relevant to their products. Follow these instructions closely (they are usually fairly simple) and you will enjoy your water fountain for a long time! Do not use any products on the fountain that are not recommended in the instructions that come with your fountain. click to read more...

Where Should You Place Your Water Fountains?
There are several factors to consider when you decide where to place your new water fountains. While water fountains are engineered to minimize splash, there will always be an occasional spritz or two and you want your floors to be able to weather this… For this reason, we recommend that floor and wall fountains be placed over flooring that will not easily be damaged by water. Fine wood floors or carpeting are not ideal for fountain placement. click to read more...

Using Water Fountains for Interior Decoration
When human beings make decisions as to how to decorate their home and work environment, we involve the five physical senses: sight, scent, sound, touch and sometimes taste. Water fountains provide elements of the first three of these and sometimes the fourth as well. A selected water fountain is usually chosen with an eye to proportion, materials and finishes, and the sound produced. Water fountains for floor, tabletop, and wall placement are all available. click to read more...

Feng Shui Water Fountain Article by Stephanie Roberts
I've received several questions this past month about the difference between aquariums and water fountains, and which is better (for example) for the wealth area or to support career, so I thought it would be a good idea to address that here. There are two important factors in choosing a feng shui remedy of any kind: the element that object or image represents, and any symbolic meaning that item may have either in general or to you specifically. The aquarium/water fountain question has to do with the element represented, which in this case is "moving water." Click to read more...

Feng Shui and Water Elements (including Water Fountains)
Feng Shui Solutions by Kartar Diamond, Senior Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui and the Water Element The water element may be associated with the colors blue and black and shapes that are curvy, but real water is the absolute most powerful cure when you need to have the water element represented somewhere on your property or in your home. Some homes need to have water fountains or aquariums on a semi-permanent basis. But there are cycles to be calculated in Flying Star (Shyung Kung) feng shui and the best places for water outside your property will change every twenty years. Inside your own home, the best locations for water may change yearly. This doesn’t mean that you need to constantly move your water fountain, but occasionally this is best. click to read more...

Water Fountains and Feng ShuiWater Fountains and Feng Shui
Feng Shui literally means wind water. It is an ancient Chinese study of how mankind is affected for better or for worse by the surroundings. With Shui or water as a component of its name, it should not surprise anyone that water has a significant role in this metaphysics study. According to an ancient Chinese Feng Shui sage, ‘qi’ (or life giving energy) is dispersed by the wind and accumulates near water. The ideal Feng Shui location is one with an abundance of lively ‘qi’. It should have hills at the back, to the left and right to protect the ‘qi’ from being blown away by strong winds. And there should be a river or lake in front to help retain this life giving ‘qi’. Click to read more...

New York City's Bethesda Water FountainNew York City's Bethesda Water Fountain
The Bethesda Water Fountain in New York City’s Central Park is one of the most photographed water fountains in the entire world. The neoclassical bronze water fountain is the only sculpture commissioned as part of the original design of New York's Central Park. Designed by Emma Stebbens, also known for a sculpture of educator Horace Mann that stands outside the Boston State House, the Bethesda Water Fountain is one of seven ornamental water fountains in Central Park. Stebbins was the first woman to receive a sculptural commission in New York City. Click to read more...

Central Park's Water Fountains
There are seven ornamental water fountains in New York City's Central Park. They are the Bethesda Water Fountain (Angel of the Waters), the Pulitzer Water Fountain, the Sophe Loeb Fountain (Alice in Wonderland Fountain), the Cherry Hill Fountain, and three more ornamental water fountains located inside the three Conservatory Gardens: the elegant geyser fountain located in the Italian Garden; the Burnett Memorial Fountain (The Secret Garden Fountain) located in the English Garden; and the French Garden's Untermyer Fountain, the famed Fountain of Three Dancing Maidens. Click to read more...

Waterfalls in New York City -- Paley Park
The waterfall at New York City’s Paley Park, a twenty-foot high and forty-foot long cascading waterfall, gushes 1800 gallons per minute. The water fountain creates a backdrop of sound that causes city noise to fade away. Located at 53rd Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues, the park inspired a proliferation of similar “vest pocket” parks in New York City. Vest pocket parks often feature water fountains which produce white noise to counter the sounds of the city. Click to read more...

Chicago's Spectacular Water Tower Place Fountains!
Chicago’s Water Tower Place is home to one of the most over-the-top water fountains! Opened in 1975, and located on Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile”, the city’s premier shopping district, Water Tower Place features a grand entrance off North Michigan Avenue highlighted by a computer-choreographed “pop-jet” water fountain running between and around the escalators at the entrance. click to read more...

Chicago's Buckingham Water Fountain
Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain is located in Chicago’s Grand Park at Columbus Drive (301 East) and Congress Parkway (500 South) and bordered by Lake Shore, Balbo, Columbus and Jackson Drives. One of the largest water fountains in the world, the impressive choreographed fountain was designated a Chicago Landmark in 2000. Dedicated on August 26, 1927, the fountain runs from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day from mid-April to mid-October, weather permitting. During a twenty-minute water display that runs every hour on the hour, 14,000 gallons of water per minute are pushed through the water fountain’s 133 jets, with the center jet shooting a stream of water 150 feet into the air. At dusk, a light and music show coincides with the fountain’s water display. The last show of the night begins at 10 p.m. click to read more...

Peterhof's Famous Water Fountains and Waterfalls
Peterhof, a series of palaces and gardens in Russia's is known by some as the "Russian Versailles," and features the the Grand Cascade and Samson Fountains, and many other and very interesting and unique water fountains. Situated approxmately 10 miles west and 3 south of Russia's St. Petersburg, Peterhof means "Peter's "Court" or "Peter's Garden," as they were built for Peter the Great. Peterhof looks out over the Baltic Sea. The Grand Palace and the Grand Cascade are the grandest focal points of Peterhof. click to read more...

The Famous Trevi Water Fountain of Rome
The Trevi Water Fountain in the Trevi district of Rome is the largest of Rome’s Baroque water fountains. It lies at the intersection of three roads (tre vie), and is located at the terminal point of an ancient Roman aqueduct, known not only as the waters of Trevi, but also the Aqua Virgin. The fountain stands eighty-five feet high and sixty-five feet wide, with the theme of Taming of the waters sculpted from stone in dramatic classical Baroque style. click to read more...

Water Fountains, water, waterfalls in quotations
Read a number of quotes on the theme of water fountains, waterfalls, and water.

King Fahd’s Fountain in Saudi Arabia
King Fahd’s Fountain, also known as Jeddah’s Fountain, is the tallest water fountain in the world. It dominates the skyline of the city of Jeddah, the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia and the wealthiest city in the Middle East and western Asia, located on the coast of the Red Sea. The fountain was built in the 1980's and is listed in Guinness World Records as the highest water fountain in the world, with a reach of over one thousand feet. The salt-water fountain was donated to the City of Jeddah by the late King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. click to read more...

Water Fountains for Urban Play
Yonge Dundas Square in downtown Toronto Ontario features an array of water fountains designed by Dan Euser of Waterarchitecture. Opened to the public in November of 2002, Younge Dundas Square is situated at the crossing of Yonge Street and Dundas Street, opposite the Toronto Eaton Centre and just south of the Ryerson University campus. Unlike many other urban fountains, the fountains at Dundas Square are specifically intended for water play. Dundas Square is often referred to as an “urban beach,” or “urbeach” design. click to read more...

Paris's Famous Wallace Fountains
Paris’s Wallace Fountains (Fontaine Wallace) are the public drinking fountains scattered throughout the city of Paris, small cast-iron sculptures recognized throughout the world as one of the most famous symbols of the city. click to read more...

Singapore's Fountain of Wealth
The Guiness Book of World Records (1998 edition) says that Singapore's Fountain of Wealth is the the world’s largest water fountain. Forty-five feet high, the fountain comprises a circular bronze ring with a circumference of more than two hundred and sixteen feet, supported by four large slanted columns. The base area of the fountain covers more than eighteen thousand square feet. click to read more...

Chicago's Water Fountain of the Great Lakes
At 111 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago lies the Art Institute of Chicago, and one of Loredo Taft’s most famous sculptural works, the Fountain of the Great Lakes, a bronze water fountain sculpture representing the movement of the water of the Great Lakes system. Starting in Lake Superior, and flowing through to Lake Michigan, then Lake Huron, to Lake Erie, and then through Lake Ontario into the ocean via the St Lawrence River, the five lakes are represented by five female figures in flowing robes, with Superior at the top holding an urn from which her waters flow downward to the other four figures, each holding a shell-shaped basin. The waters in the fountain overflow from each basin to the next, until reaching a lower fountain pool representing the St Lawrence River, and below that lies a larger pool, the waters of the ocean into which the river empties. click to read more...

Fort Worth's Water Gardens Park
In downtown Fort Worth, Texas, at 15th and Commerce Street, the Fort Worth Water Gardens Park covers more than four acres on the south side of the Tarrant County Convention Center, and features a series of three water fountain pools that drop below street level almost one hundred feet: the Active Pool, the Aerating Pool, and the Quiet Pool. Over five hundred species of plants and trees adorn the park, which offers visitors to the downtown area a refuge from the noise of Interstate 30 running on the south side of the gardens, as well as the bustle of the downtown Convention Center area. click to read more...

Ira Keller Civic Theatre Forecourt Fountain in Portland Oregon
In front of Portland’s Civic Auditorium, at SW 3rd Avenue and Clay Street, lies the Ira Keller Civic Theatre Forecourt Fountain, known commonly as Ira’s Fountain or the Keller Fountain Park. Covering nearly an entire acre in downtown Portland, the park includes cascading water fountains, walking paths, bronze statues, and even wi-fi access, all open to the public from 5 a.m. to midnight. The abstract styled garden fountain was inspired by the waterfalls in the Cascades Mountains in Northwest Oregon. click to read more...

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Meet the artists of Costa Rica and see their studios!

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