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Feng Shui Water Fountain Article by Stephanie Roberts

Moving Water: Water Fountains and Aquariums by Stephanie Roberts

I've received several questions this past month about the difference between aquariums and water fountains, and which is better (for example) for the wealth area or to support career, so I thought it would be a good idea to address that here.

There are two important factors in choosing a feng shui remedy of any kind: the element that object or image represents, and any symbolic meaning that item may have either in general or to you specifically. The aquarium/water fountain question has to do with the element represented, which in this case is "moving water."

The key aspect of both these water remedies is that the water is in motion, rather than still (such as the water in a flower vase, or a glass of water, for example). Moving water has strong water chi, so it's a very effective way to add the water element to a space.

The difference between a water fountain and a fish tank is simply that they are different ways of adding moving water to your space. One is not better than or more appropriate than the other. Whether you choose to add moving water with a fountain or an aquarium is purely a matter of your personal preference.

It's a common misperception that the key factor to the effectiveness of an aquarium is the number, size and color of the fish within it. In fact, the primary role of the fish is to add the quality of motion to what otherwise is just a tank of water. It's an added bonus to have a "feng shui approved" fish selection, such as eight orange goldfish and one black one. Even if your fish selection has nothing to do with feng shui, however, the aquarium is still adding moving water chi to your space, which is its primary purpose.

Many people who are new to feng shui get excited about what the ba gua (the feng shui energy map) can reveal about their home, and fail to realize that understanding the five feng shui elements and their interactions is at least equally important - perhaps even more so. The key to using a water-type cure of any kind is to be familiar with the various roles that water plays: it nourishes wood, puts out fire, weakens earth, and depletes metal.

Water fountains and aquariums are often mentioned as appropriate remedies for the Career and Wealth areas. That's because the Career area (kan gua) is associated with the water element, so water-type cures and remedies are appropriate there. They are also powerful additions to the Wealth area, because hsun gua (wealth) is associated with wood, and wood is nourished by water. Water-type cures are not appropriate, for example, in the Fame area, because water and fire are enemies, and the presence of water in this area is disruptive rather than helpful.

The other issue I want to clarify is that, just because moving water is a good addition to the wealth and career areas, that doesn't mean you ought to add both a water fountain and an aquarium into your space - especially if you are applying feng shui to just one room. There are many ways to support career or enhance prosperity, not all of which involve moving water. Your selection of cures and enhancements needs to be based on what will be appropriate to your space, not just on what's on a list of "good cures for this area." When in doubt, aim for subtlety rather than excess. Feng shui is about harmony and balance, and that means holding back from adding too much of a good thing.

(c) 2006 Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie Roberts is the author of the popular "Fast Feng Shui" books, "The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui", and the "Clutter-Free Forever" Home Coaching Program. She invites you to visit her website at www.fastfengshui.com.

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Feng Shui Water Fountain Article by Stephanie Roberts